HTG High Technology Glass SA


  • Origin : Russia / Poland
  • Activity : International headquarters of an industrial group active in the architectural glass with a production site in Poland.
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  • Starting collaboration : Septembre 2012
  • Accomplished mission : Business plan support and contributions for fund-raising, Swiss and Polish company incorporation, board member of both companies, and administration and management supervision of the Swiss company operations.
  • Testimonial : Mr. Maire, and Swissawa and its team were instrumental for the birth of this project, in particular on the long-term strategies and the understanding of the operational needs, also in the fund-raising and the legal installation of our structures. HTG is now on track, with good promising perspectives, having Mr. Maire is still following us with talent.

Telecom Financial Services SA


  • Origin : USA
  • Activity : Digital technology financing for emerging markets, particularly in mobile payments and telecommunication.
  • Starting collaboration : August 2016
  • Accomplished mission : Swiss company creation and subsidiaries in Sierra Leone, Liberia and in the USA. Board members of all structures, installation and controlling of corporate governance and operational teams.
  • Testimonial : The appreciation, the experience and the understanding of  cultural difference in a project such as ours is key, as we operate in 3 continents. Mr. Maire and its long international experience was essential in the materialization of our project and its continuity. His technology and legal expertise associated with his reliability are much appreciated.

Association Matriochka Romandie


  • Origin : Russia
  • Activity : The Russian school “MATRIOCHKA Romandie” is a complementary educational institution. With its pedagogical team, it now has more than 80 students spread over 4 towns in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, Lausanne, Montreux, Bulle, Villars-sur-Glâne. The school offers children, mainly bilingual, Russian language courses, literature, theater, painting, calligraphy, as well as numerous cultural events intended to enrich their general culture knowledge. In partnership with the Pushkin Russian Language Institute, the school prepares children and adults for the certification of language levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.
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  • Starting collaboration : December 2018
  • Accomplished mission : Legal creation of the association, Mr. Maire holds a position in the Association Committee, and helps us to maneuver in the complex local legal and financial framework, taking in consideration all aspects of our complex business.
  • Testimonial : Without the support of Swissawa and its team, this project would certainly not have existed and developed. Mr. Maire in particular helps us on a daily basis, especially during the COVID-19 crisis, where we had to adapt to everyday life.

 Optistar Sàrl


  • Origin : USA
  • Activity : Optistar Technology Consultants is an English speaking IT service provider helping small and medium enterprises in Geneva and Vaud with IT strategy, cyber security and ongoing IT management.
  • Web :
  • Starting collaboration :  July 2016
  • Accomplished mission : Contractual documentation for the acquisition of the existing Swiss structures by an American company, hold the Swiss board position, supervision of the operations and administration, executed from the USA.
  • Testimonial : Operating a business in Switzerland has many advantages.  However, as a non-native of Switzerland, navigating the “Swiss system” and doing everything we need in order to remain in compliance and in good health is not always easy.  Eric Maire, as a board representative, has been helping us with corporate governance and strategy for a number of years now.  He and Swissawa are an invaluable part of our Optistar team now and for years to come.

Business Talent International Sàrl


  • Origine : Ireland 
  • Activity : Entrepreneurs and managers business coaching.
  • Web :
  • Starting collaboration : July 2019
  • Accomplished mission : Company installation in Switzerland. Hold a board position and manages the general administration of the company, and installed the founder in Switzerland under the benefit of a Swiss working permit.
  • Testimonial : Éric Maire has proven to be a great resource for setting up Business Talents in Switzerland. His skills, his perspective and his availability were all assets that won our support during our research. We enthusiastically recommend his expertise and unwavering loyalty!

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