is a Consulting Firm in Corporate Governance
& innovative technologies

We are helping entrepreneurs and boards to maintain a global vision

of their organization in the context of increasing regulation

& technological complexity.


We offer our expertise under 5 complementary sectors, which allows our client to reach most of all needed competencies to manage their business, distilled by a pool of more than 35 certified experts and partners in Switzerland and abroad. With our “Company Management Experts”, our “Industry Experts”, our “International Experts” and our “Administrative and Operational team” we can address any of your issues.

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Swissawa Sàrl

Route du Signal 12

1018 Lausanne


+41 22 311 34 90

Poland office

Swissawa Polska Sp. z.o.o.

UI.  Olowiana 12

85-461 Bydgoszcz


+48 52 522 21 80




International representations

Haïfa - Israel -
Moscow - Russia -
Silicon Valley - USA -
Istanbul - Turkey -
Hong Kong - China -
Lima - Peru -
Kiev - Ukraine -
Athen - Greece -
Johannesburg - Africa -